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BDSM Session Protocols for
MsMadyson DeLaRough

Tucson’s #DesertDomDiva Herself is looking forward to hearing from you soon.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Mistress MsMadyson DeLaRough's Protocols

Session Requirements

Some people engage in sex as part of their play – this is NOT the case with me. I will ALWAYS be clothed as a proper Dominatrix should. RESPECT toward Me is paramount. Mutual consent is necessary, even with scenarios requested that include consensual non-consent play (CNC). I’m a complex contradiction really what woman isn't? I enjoy erotic teasing to laughing as I make you scream. I enjoy sensual to strict, preferring a personal yet discreet connection with play partners.

My experience and collection of equipment/toys are equally extensive. If there is something you are curious about that has not been mentioned, feel free to ask. If you feel intrigued and desire time with an exquisitely creative sadist and fetishist, welcome toy, to your dark desires.

I have read and understood the Session Requirements.

Terms of Service

Preparation - Be prepared to share your contact information including personal details, levels of experience, interests, health issues and anything else that might help Me better determine our compatibility. References are required so that I will have an idea of your previous play experiences.

I have read and understood the Preparation clause.

Cleanliness - Please be showered & well groomed before you arrive, including any special grooming instructions I might have given you. I will also not play with you if I feel you are intoxicated in any form. Be well hydrated and rested, as our play can be exhausting.

I have read and understood the Cleanliness clause.

Information - Read My site thoroughly before contacting Me so that you needn't ask questions that I may have already answered here.

I have read and understood the Information clause.

Brevity - We will spend time before our first scene touring the space and viewing equipment. Interests, limits, and questions you may have will be discussed, so please limit phone calls and emails.

I have read and understood the Brevity clause.

Honesty - Be truthful, both to Me and to yourself. Sometimes we fantasize about things that can be overwhelming when faced with the reality of actual experience. Be honest with all health issues however trivial they may seem.

I have read and understood the Honesty clause.

Respect - Whether we are in public during a consultation, on the phone, emailing or otherwise in contact, I expect to be treated with respect, politeness and common courtesy.

I have read and understood the Respect clause.

Patience - Time is valuable and I have a very busy schedule. Play requires advance planning, so a week or more is preferred when setting appointments. My schedule being booked a month or more out is not unusual. So please respect the fact that I also travel and that is factored into My scheduling as well.

I have read and understood the Patience clause.

Cancellations – When unforeseen events occur, please call to inform Me as we may have to reschedule. Tardiness or repeated cancellations (more than one) with less than 24 hour notice will not be tolerated - no exceptions!

I have read and understood the Cancellation clause.


♦ Switching
♦ Nudity on my side
♦ Any Illegal activities

I have read and understood the Restricted Types of Play.

I have read and understood all of the above Terms of Service and agree to comply. I understand that if I do not adhere to these requirements, MsMadyson DeLaRough reserves the right to refuse service and any or all of my deposit may not be returned to me.


Mistress MsMadyson DeLaRough Session Application


Cash Meet Up Protocol (Read and check "comply" if this applies to you.)
Interested clients will send a $27 initial good faith gesture deposit to show that my time is valuable. This can be done using an Amazon Gift Card, emailing me at, CashApp at$MsMadysonAshlie. Upon receipt of funds, you will have permission to text me. Your text must include the following:

  1. A picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with today's date written clearly using a sharpie pen
  2. Your first and last legal name (as shown on government issued ID). Note: I will not meet with any person who has not verified their identity.
  3. Your first and second preferred dates and times that you would like to meet, during my normal business hours. (M-F, 11AM to 9PM)
  4. A short, concise explanation of why you want to surrender your cold hard cash to Me. I am not interested in a detailed explanation. Keep it short and concise.

I Will Comply with the Cash/Meet Up ProtocolsI Will Not Comply with the Cash/Meet Up Protocols

Indicate "yes" or "no," if you wish to appear in a video or photo of the transaction.


Enter two different dates and time periods that you would like to meet.

Please list reference who can vouch for you.